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True Black History 3...
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  Black Spirituality Religion :
 Atlantis vs Mu(Lemuria)
  The civilization of Lemuria was not the first, but the oldest recorded/  remembered Civilization,they mostly based there teaching on self realization,energy and spirituality.  It was said that they did have spacecrafts,but they were shaped like pearls,sounds really Divine to me.

As the civilization reached it's peak they stopped using physical aircrafts and focused on Astral projecting themselves instantaneously to any location they see fit.It was said that the Atlantians and Lemurians were constantly warring.The Atlantians only goals were to supress the people and ad them to there Empire,the Lemurians only wanted peace.(sounds familair).

The people of Lemuria......

It is safe to say that the Lemurians were more of a African/Dravidian stock.I mean just look at the Australoid's,they look like a black and Indian Mix.I am also pretty sure that most SouthEast Asians were part of the Lemurian civilization.Another sub race that was also there was the Negrito's or Philipino's,I mean come on there called Negrito's.
  The Branch of Lemuria

Cayce clearly identified the white race as originating in the Caucasus region of Asia, in agreement with modern anthropological thought. When asked to clarify the location, he said:

“The white—rather in the Carpathians than India... Southern part of Europe and Russia, and Persia and that land. Caucasian mountains” (no. 364-13, November 17, 1932).

The white race are those who later moved into Europe and whose survivors became the nomadic tribes that formed the basis of today’s Caucasian peoples—the word ‘Caucasian’ clearly stemming from that region in which they originated, the Caucasus Mountains.

The Red race were the Atlanteans, whom we shall speak more about in the following chapter.

The Brown race, known as Lemurians, inhabited a continent so large that it took up much of the Pacific Ocean, as well as great parts of Eastern Asia and Russia, and some of the Western states of North America. Lemuria, often referred to as MU, was truly the beginning of modern man as we know him. It is also referred to as the Motherland, and remnants of it are coming to light everyday as explorers uncover the ruins of strange stone temples lying beneath the waters of the blue Pacific, off the islands which constituted mountain peaks of the now submerged continent, and in the remote jungles of these same islands. People from the Philippines, Polynesia, and Bali, are often remnants of those ancient tribes of Mu.         (More)       

  Ancient Black Americans
  Preferring Fantasy over Science

Something to ponder as you read these pages: We know of no source which insists Native Americans were exclusively the Mongol mulatto we know so well, like Geronimo and the like, except American Television and Movies. All other sources, like period ARTIFACTS and SCIENTIFIC studies, clearly show that Blacks were THE major component of the PaleoAmerican demographic.

Yet we see supposedly serious people, even some with a scholastic background, "Blow-off" these truths, to cling to the Hollywood fantasy of Tonto. That is where the term "Albino in Denial" comes in. It is not easy to see the lies which formed your reality, crumble before your eyes. Even some Negroes have the problem too, their reality has been shaped by the lies the Albinos taught them, so they too find it hard to grapple with the truth. May they all, one day find the strength to accept the truth.             (More)           

  Facts about Moorish(Moor/Muur) Americans(AmEricans)
  *The reason why Moors cannot be U.S. Citizens is because the Moroccan Empire has a business arrangement with the British Empire [European Corporate Contract Citizens Caucasian Men]. The United States is a foreign European corporation conducting trade and commerce in foreign lands. See: In Re Merrian’s Estate, 36 N.Y. 479, Affirmed in U.S. v. Perkins 163 U.S. 625.

*The Moors Sundry Act of 1790 was passed by South Carolina legislature, granting special status to the subjects of Sultan of Morocco, Mohammed ben Abdallah. It recognized Moors as “white” people with Jury duty as a privilege. Moors were not to be subjected to laws governing Blacks and slaves.

*Moors are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

*MOORS are the progenitors of the European/French/Dutch/Belgian/Titles of the Noble-Family with the coat of the arms with the names of the Moor/Moore/More/Moorison/Morel/Moorrees/ Morand/ Moreau for the referring in the Golden-Age of the Moors by the Ivan-Van: Sertima on page: 235.             (More)           

  California Slaughter: The State-Sanctioned Genocide of Native Americans

The tally is relentlessly grim: a whole settlement wiped out in Trinity County “excepting a few children”; an Indian girl raped and left to die somewhere near Mendocino; as many as 50 killed at Goose Lake; and, two months later, as many as 257 murdered at Grouse Creek, scores of them women and children. There were the four white ranchers who tracked down a band of Yana to a cave, butchering 30. “In the cave with the meat were some Indian children,” reported a chronicle published later. One of the whites “could not bear to kill these children with his 56-calibre Spencer rifle. ‘It tore them up so bad.’ So he did it with his 38-calibre Smith and Wesson revolver.”

There have been books written about the systematic slaughter of California Indians, but none as gruesomely thorough as Benjamin Madley’s An American Genocide, from which the above accounts come. He estimates that between 9,000 and 16,000 Indians, though probably many more, were killed by vigilantes, state militiamen and federal soldiers between 1846 and 1873, in what he calls an “organized destruction” of the state’s largely peaceful indigenous peoples.        (More)       

  U.S Pres. Obama: sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
Obama’s reparations to the Indians
  At the Dec. 16 White House Tribal Nations Conference, President Obama announced that the United States is recognizing the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, also known as UNDRIP. The declaration was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 13, 2007, with just four negative votes, coming from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Australia and New Zealand later reversed course, and Canada endorsed the declaration in November. America was the lone holdout of the four, until now.            (More)           
  The Worst Massacre of Blacks by Whites in U.S. History--And the Lesson It Teaches Today
  On April 13, 1873, the United States experienced the worst one-day slaughter of blacks by whites in its history. In tiny Colfax, La., white paramilitaries attacked lightly armed African American freedmen who had assembled in a local courthouse to defend their elected officeholders. By the time the Colfax Massacre was over, more than 60 black men lay dead. Most were killed after they had surrendered.            (More)       
  4 Reasons Why the US Police Force Is an Extension of Slavery and White Supremacy (That You Were Probably Never Taught)

When I say I am enraged with the police, I mean that I am livid.

Livid with the entirety of my being. Livid enough to want to commit my very existence to the complete eradication of the police force, the white supremacist platform on which they stand, the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow laws from which they emerged, the systems of privilege and oppression that they protect, and the sympathy and support they get from other Americans as they pursue their murderous endeavors.

And I am not alone – so many other Black and Black-allied people in the US are just as angry.

In fact, in 1951, Queer Black Poet Langston Hughes wrote a poem called “Harlem,” in which he asked, “What Happens to a Dream Deferred?”

The dream he discusses is the liberation, equality, and well-being of Black people in the United States of America. And, so powerfully, he answers that question with a series of questions: Do those dreams dry up, do they stink, do they fester like a sore, do they crust and sugar over, do they sag like a heavy load?

Or do they explode?            (More)           

Indigenous Black Native Americans
  Now this is something to march about!
Blacklisting Native Americans With African Blood
Wikipedia defines “blacklist” or “black list” as “a register of entities who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition.”
“As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle.”
“Conversely, a white list is a list or compilation identifying entities that are accepted, recognized, or privileged.” [Citation: Wikipedia, 2011]
Blacklist: “list of disapproved people: a list of people or groups who are under suspicion or excluded from something.” 
1.  put on blacklist: to add somebody’s name to a blacklist  
2.  condemn: to shun or condemn somebody for behavior that breaks implicit or explicit rules.” [Encarta World English Dictionary & (P) 1998-2004] 
  Now, Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc., has obtained proof to support the claim that Blacklisting was used against Ethnic (Black) Indigenous Native Americans (and/or their descendants) first in America. Consider the following:    >>>    
  Omission of History and/or Exclusionary Detailing
In the 1400s, the Portuguese crown explored the African coast. During this period, commonly regarded as portending the age of "Exploration and Discovery and European Colonialism," the kings of various European nations sought justification for their actions to legitimize their new found prizes and trail way to wealth.
After the European invasion of America in 1492, Native Americans--Indigenous (Black) People present in what we now know as the US were enslaved by Europeans who conquered the land. During this era, a "depopulating" of America occurred. Because of the depopulation and dying off of Indigenous people, a shortage of free labor occurred, and the Europeans came up with an idea to start the Atlantic African slave trade to increase the dwindling slave numbers. Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) slaves were transported to the United States from Africa during the 310-year Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The question here is who were the 600,000 slaves that were reported in the Colonies between 1607 (Virginia) and (1733) Georgia before the slave trade got into full-swing? African people transported here plus the number of enslaved must have been counted in the slave number count before the arrival of slaves from Africa. If only 500,000 slaves were imported from slave slips over the 310-year period, does that account for the 4,500,000 slaves freed after the Civil War?
Black Indigenous Americans owned one million square miles of land in the Louisiana Territories and the South Eastern/Florida region, as well as California. In all areas of the U.S., Black American Nations existed before Columbus arrived. The indigenous people found themselves targeted for enslavement due to the Papal Edict (Catholic Church) giving the Christian nations of Europe the go-ahead to make slaves of all descendants of Ham found in the newly discovered lands of the Americas. If Europeans got the go-ahead to enslave all of Ham's descendants, wouldn't it make sense the Native Americans they enslaved looked like the Africans brought on ships during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Era?        (More)       

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