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Last updated  03/30/2017
  "True Origin of NESARA"
Guest Post by Drunken Sailor
"He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone."
The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA)
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  Upon my ongoing research for the TRUE origin of the "original" source in regards to NESARA, I found out that it actually dates back to the year 2000 by its author, Dr. Harvey Barnard, who earned a Ph.D. in Applied Science specializing in Systems Philosophy. He was married to the girl down the street, he worked most of his adult life serving heavy industry in technical and engineering fields as a systems troubleshooter, educator, and consultant. He started his search for the root cause and solutions to America’s social problems in the 1960s when a professor at Louisiana State University remarked that social and economic problems could be analyzed and solved with the same tools and techniques used to solve industrial problems. For more than 30 years he studied currency, banking, economics, taxes, law, philosophy, history, sociology, and politics using the analytical principles of systems theory.

In the late 1980s, Dr. Barnard developed his NESARA legislative proposal for monetary and fiscal policy reform in order to double the standard of living for every American within one generation. In 1996 he printed 1,000 copies of Draining the Swamp, which contained his NESARA proposal, and sent them to members of Congress and others, believing the proposal would pass quickly on its merits. It included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax, abolishing compound interest on secured loans and returning to a bimetallic currency.

Based on a theory that debt is the number one economic factor inhibiting the growth of the economy and compound interest the number one "moral evil" and reason for debt, Dr. Barnard made several attempts to draw political attention to the problems he saw in the U.S. economy.
  The History of NESARA

The Origin of NESARA Law

1892 – Bankers adopted their Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892 in which it was declared: “We [the bankers] must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them….

The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of the law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of the government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.”

1907-1917 – In order to warn Americans, the1892 Bankers’ Manifesto was revealed by US Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. from Minnesota before the US Congress sometime during his term of office between the years of 1907 and 1917.            (More)           

  Still Waiting for NESARA: How UFO Cults and
Crooks Co-opted a Financial Reform Proposal
  Never underestimate an outlandish conspiracy theory’s ability to re-emerge from its slumber after a few years’ respite.  One such conspiracy, which I’d previously relegated to the annals of the thoroughly debunked, has recently been enjoying a bit of a renaissance  of popularity, although this time a bit more under the radar.  The story of NESARA is one of a well intentioned reform proposal and the New Age UFO Cults that usurped it without blinking an eye.  Given the state of our economy and the desperation felt worldwide, it shouldn’t surprise me that this conspiracy theory has emerged from dormancy.  But what does surprise me is how many people are promoting it without knowing the back story, or the characters behind the deception.  For the sake of clarity and with the hope that some light will be shed on the fullness of the fraud, I share with you the story of NESARA.

                 The “Real NESARA” and the Dove of Oneness Emerge

The internet is a tricky thing.  All it really takes to start a movement is one motivated individual with enough charisma to champion a cause.  NESARA was never taken seriously by the powers that be, but that didn’t stop certain conspiracy theorists with a flair for the dramatic from co-opting the NESARA concept and morphing it into something entirely different.

Shortly after Dr. Barnard brought his NESARA vision to the world wide web, a woman calling herself “Dove of Oneness” began to promote the proposal, with a few twists.  First, she changed the name of the bill from the original National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act to the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  The name change speaks to the forward thinking of those who co-opted the bill.  Removing the concepts of “stabilization” and “recovery” makes way for what would become a tale of congressional intrigue, white knights of virtue, impending world peace…. oh, and a LOT of money.            (More)           


Monday, October 28, 2013 Poof Report - Intel Update

Greetings and salutations,
Pay special attention to the words in our theme song this week, as it certainly explains why the entire "government structure" is suffering from total madness. It certainly may not feel like it, but all who are reading these words should celebrate yourselves as being the true warriors who have been holding the "Light" for the coming changes.
Whatever you believe, know that the President is receiving daily spiritual guidance from his appointed spiritual adviser, Joshua DuBois. Below is one example of the daily "devotional" in his daily spiritual pause of reflection.
"Dear God, in the night time, remind me of the day. In the darkness remind me of your Light. I have confidence in the coming morning, and until then I will stand strong.”
On a personal note, I thank all for your kindness and prayers. It has sustained me as my healing journey continues to progress. Your outreach has been extremely humbling....paypal.com...account goneforthfornow@gmail.com ...Susan
Poof said,Your life is an occasion; rise to it....”             (More)           
  Mother of all Deceptions: The Concept of Modern Day Slavery:
Many years ago I started wondering about the all capital letters names employed by the military.  I noticed that all names in the military were written in all capitals: LIEUTENANT RODNEY KNOX, for example, as were all the stenciled words plastered on packing crates and vehicles belonging to the US ARMY.  I even tasked my poor Father about it, and he mumbled, "When you are in the military, you are a slave, and all that you have as property does not belong to you."
This cryptic reply made no particular sense to me, nor did the idea that those putting their lives at risk to defend us would suffer the status of slaves?  He was busy and the sun was hot and the road before us was dusty from the wheels of the endless military convoy passing by on the old US HIGHWAY 12.  I noted the answer and let it slip into the category of "things you will understand when you are older"---where it remained until my twenties, when I began seeing my name written in all capital letters on Federal Student Loan paperwork. 
I eventually tracked this odd style of name back to Ancient Rome and Roman Civil Law.  I even wrote a studious Memorandum of Law about the use of peculiar naming conventions in the Roman Civil Law going back to 200 B.C.
I discovered that noble Romans used names written in all small case letters: flavius gallus aurelius, while indentured servants used names in Upper and Lower Case: Flavius Gallus Aurelius----and just as my Father said, slaves used names in all capitals: FLAVIUS GALLUS AURELIUS.
This did not bode well for whatever poor creature might be named ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER nor did it adequately explain how or why or by whom my given name would be so abused on government paperwork.  I never volunteered to join the Army.            (More)           
   NESARA From Message from Matthew

Several readers have asked if NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act] is the solution to this situation that many around the world regard as a pivotal point in time—it is, and it would be resoundingly welcomed if everyone knew what is to ensue.

Back to NESARA. The energy around this US legislation automatically puts it in the realm of possibility, but one unlikely to bear fruit imminently. Not only is the Act not widely known, but some who have heard of it don’t believe it is valid; some who do believe it is, have misconceptions about it; and others, including some members of government, believe the disformation posted on the government’s NESARA website. [For readers who aren’t familiar with NESARA, typing the word in the search blank on www.matthewbooks.com will access dates of the numerous messages that include this topic.]   

For 16 years the Act’s implementation has been prevented by one nefarious means or another—most ruthlessly by the “9/11” betrayal of that country by its leaders—because of its provision that returns the nation to its constitutional status as a sovereign republic, nullifies the existing corporation that was promptly and stealthily established by the Illuminati British royals, and tosses out all officeholders. If for that reason only, the new administration would keep the Act under former President Bill Clinton’s gag order that legally prohibits anyone who knows of it to ever speak about it publicly. And, the Illuminati within and beyond Congress will continue doing whatever it takes to keep the lid on NESARA because all of its provisions were designed to end their control of that country and ultimately, the world.             (More)           

   People Being Prepared for the
Beginning of NESARA?

One after another the videos and radio interviews are coming out, apparently preparing the public for NESARA.

Back in January, we heard James Martinez tell us he was authorized to discuss a new abundance program that was emerging. At the time leading lightworkers, assuming that the Monaco Accord represented the new shape of the world economy, called it a hoax. But, on An Hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael said, no, it was a quiet announcement meant to demonstrate to those who await NESARA that things are happening.

Archangel Michael added that it neither originated with the Monaco Accord group nor was it a hoax. It originated with “a group – and it is a combination group – of star beings and human beings and, can we say, with our input [i.e., celestials], that is working together.”

Fast forward to March 28, 2012, when David Wilcock said that mass arrests were being stage managed by aliens and angels, essentially lining up with what AAM said in January.            (More)           


The world’s freemasons are gathering in Tokyo this week and next to select a new world grandmaster, according to Japanese military intelligence. The meetings will start this week at the Freemason underground complex near Tokyo Tower and will conclude with a final leadership selection at the Sanno Hotel on March 25, the sources say. The meetings are taking place because a long term Freemason goal, the creation of a benevolent world government, is near completion, the sources continue.

There is also a lot of talk from multiple sources of some sort of event planned for March 15th, the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. This is also the day the US government will hit its debt ceiling. Asian Secret Societies, for their part place great importance on March 19th, the day the last Ming Emperor died (also, by coincidence, this writer’s birthday). Exactly what will happen is not clear but certainly the last half of March will see many world changes, multiple sources agree.

There is also extremely high tension worldwide as the various power centers jockey for position in the upcoming world federation, various sources agree.

The tensions are especially high now in Japan and the Korean Peninsula over who will occupy the throne of Emperor of a United Korea, the Japanese military intelligence sources say. The Rothschilds and the Chinese want to install Kim Han Sol, the eldest son of Kim Jong Nam, who is in turn the oldest son of former top leader Kim Jon Il, Chinese intelligence agency sources say. That is why Rothschild puppet politicians in Japan have called for a pre-emptive attack against North Korea.            (More)           

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