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Last updated  02/23/2018    
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War |
 The New Yorker
In the nineteen-sixties, Soviet intelligence officers spread a rumor that the U.S. government was involved in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. In the eighties, they spread the rumor that American intelligence had “created” the AIDS virus, at Fort Detrick, Maryland. They regularly lent support to leftist parties and insurgencies. The C.I.A., for its part, worked to overthrow regimes in Iran, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, Chile, and Panama. It used cash payments, propaganda, and sometimes violent measures...            (More)           
Last February, Trump signed a (GOP) bill making it easier for people with mental illness to buy guns
It did not attract a ton of attention at the time (nothing does these days) but about a year ago on February 28, 2017, Congress passed and Donald Trump signed a law revoking an Obama-era regulatory initiative that made it harder for people with mental illness to buy a gun.             (More)           
Liberal Groups Seize On Report That NRA May Have Been Involved In Russian Meddling
Liberal activists are asking the Federal Election Commission to look into a connection between Russia and the National Rifle Association. This month, McClatchy reported that the FBI is investigating whether a Russian banker linked to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the NRA to help the Trump presidential campaign.     (More)    
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War
Not long before leaving the White House, Benjamin Rhodes said that the Obama Administration was convinced that Putin had gone into an “offensive mode beyond what he sees as his sphere of influence,” setting out to encourage the “breakup” of the European Union, destabilize NATO, and unnerve the object of his keenest resentment—the United States. Rhodes said, “The new phase we’re in is that the Russians have moved into an offensive posture that threatens the very international order.”            (More)           
Trump comes up short in response to
new Mueller indictment

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team announced the indictment today of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities who allegedly interfered in the 2016 presidential election, trying to boost Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. The news further discredits the president’s longtime claim that that Russian assistance for his campaign is a “hoax.”

And so, Trump, who was reportedly briefed on the indictment this morning by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, thought it’d be a good idea to tweet about the news with a slightly different posture.            (More)             

Can the damage being done by Donald Trump to the Presidency and America be repaired?
Donald Trump is the most destructive President of the United States in history. He has exceeded the dire warnings his opponents sounded during the campaign. Portrayed by the Democrats as unstable, chauvinistic, incompetent, and racist President Trump has been all that and more.

Well, they have watched and now shake their heads in despair. He is everything the Democrats said about him, and more, and he is destructive to the Presidency and America. He gives the appearance of being self-destructive and he also appears to want to take the nation along for the ride down.            (More)           
Rule to Ruin
For the Republicans in opposition to Barack Obama, it was rule or ruin.  If they couldn’t advance their agenda, then they would paralyze Congress, sabotage the courts, and hold the economy hostage to hyper-ideological demands. If they couldn’t set the terms of American governance, then no one would.

Far from paying a political price for this behavior, Republicans rode it to the trifecta of federal power: a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and a president in the White House. Finally, they ruled. But in forging this path to power, the GOP abandoned any commitment to the public interest. The result is rule and ruin from a Republican Party that holds power but wields it in destructive, irresponsible ways.            (More)           
Putin: Jews Ruined Russia – But
Now We're Pals, Eh?
If you’ve been following Vladimir Putin’s image troubles over the Schneerson Library, the priceless Chabad literary trove that the Bolsheviks seized, Russia held and Crown Heights wants, you may have heard about his weird remarks last Thursday (June 13) when he handed over a batch of the treasure to the new Chabad-run museum in Moscow: “The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish.” He added that those Jews were blinded by “false ideological considerations,” from which we have thankfully recovered.

His point, apparently, was to explain whose fault it was that this Jewish treasure ended up in Soviet vaults. What’s scary is that he thinks he’s stating an obvious truth that nobody would object to. His appearance was meant as a friendly gesture. Why would anybody be offended if he reminded them that it was the Jews who ruined Russia? That was then. Now we’re all friends, right?

After Florida School Shooting, Russian

 ‘Bot’ Army Pounced


SAN FRANCISCO — One hour after news broke about the school shooting in Florida last week, Twitter accounts suspected of having links to Russia released hundreds of posts taking up the gun control debate.

The accounts addressed the news with the speed of a cable news network. Some adopted the hashtag #guncontrolnow. Others used #gunreformnow and #Parklandshooting. Earlier on Wednesday, before the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., many of those accounts had been focused on the investigation by the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.        (More)       


The 10 Politicians That Have Received the Most

Money From the NRA

On the heels of Wednesday’s tragic school shooting in Florida, the debate over gun control is starting up again.

It’s a contentious issue, and one that many feel is complicated by the heavy spending the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun lobby groups invest in political races. And the longer some politicians have been in business, the more money they’ve received from the groups.

In the 2016 election, the NRA spent $11,438,118 to support Donald Trump—and another $19,756,346 to oppose Hillary Clinton. That’s over $31 million spent on one presidential race. >>>  


President Donald Trump is flaming the intelligence community on Twitter again. "The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers!" he declared Thursday. "They will be caught!"

The journalist perhaps furthest out front on this story is John R. Schindler, the national-security columnist for the New York Observer and a former intelligence analyst at the National Security Agency. (Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, owns the Observer but stepped down as publisher in January and is in the process of selling the newspaper.)            (More)           

Deadly Dreams: What Motivates School Shootings?
After a recent spate of school shootings, researchers are analyzing the malignant fantasies of young assassins for warning signs that could help prevent future tragedies!!!
On August 30, 2006, a 19-year-old youth, clad in a trench coat, drove into the parking lot of his former high school in Hillsborough, N.C.--and began firing. Eight random shots wounded two students. When the police arrived, Alvaro Castillo gave up without a struggle. It was Castillo's second exploit involving firearms that day. Earlier Castillo had murdered his father in the family home.

Three months later in the small town of Emsdetten, Germany, 18-year-old Sebastian Bosse posted a video message on the Internet: "I can't f–kin' wait until I can shoot every mother-f–kin' last one of you." He then drove to his former school, armed with out-of-date rifles and homemade pipe bombs. Marching through the building, he shot randomly at students and teachers, injuring 37 people before ending his own life. 
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 For Barack Obama Team | Rachel Maddow 20:21 (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin Staged Jewish Hero for New Cold War
59:28 (VIDEO)

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were mentioned in Special
Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians. FOX
Business’ Hillary 02:03 (VIDEO)

Congress Strips Obama-Era Gun Regulation Requiring
Background Checks For Mentally Ill | MSNBC 3:11 (VIDEO)

Russians may have used the NRA to funnel money to
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Indictments, Report Says | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Traitor Trump & What I've Seen 13:13 (VIDEO)
Donald Trump Words On Gun Tragedy Ring Hollow Given
Past Legislation 9:17 (VIDEO)

Joe: AR-15 not a God-given Constitutional right 4:06

Americans Rally for Gun Safety With Trump, GOP the
 Only Obstacle 17:58 (VIDEO)

School Threatens To Punish Students Protesting Gun
Violence 5:38 (VIDEO)

Students Conduct A 'Die-In' Outside Of White House To
Protest Gun Violence 1:18 (VIDEO)

President Trump Holds a Listening Session with High
School Students and Teachers 1:10:20 (VIDEO)

Gun Slaughter Used To Move Congress To Action, Until
===>>  NRA Lobbing 8:00 (VIDEO)

Steve Kerr: Vote People In Who Have The Courage To Protect
People's Lives, Not 'Bow Down To The NRA' 1:55 (VIDEO)

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