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Last updated  06/01/2018    
This was written by Patrick Grimm way back in 2009. Don’t know what happened to him, but he certainly had these stinking Jews pegged. [INCOG]


So you thought the Jews were just another clannish and ethnocentric group interested in preserving their religious and cultural traditions. You believed the Jews when they told you that they only wanted to live and let live. You took them at their word when they said they were only desirous of a country where they could reside free of persecution. You didn’t think twice when they larded up their pronouncements with lots of inclusiveness and out-group words of good will. You believed the scholars who pinned all the blame for anti-Jewish persecution, pogroms, expulsions and genocide on those people who were not Jewish. You thought it not unseemly that these same Jews were a bit touchy when it came to their history and their preoccupation with Holocaust dramatizations.

Boy, were you ever wrong.

You knew your country was sick, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You can feel this sick degeneration down deep in your bones. It was a sixth sense you had. It spoke to you like a still small voice and it whispered ever so softly. It told you that the foundations were crumbling and the buffering institutions were being eroded. But you wanted to call it something else. You ranted about “liberalism,” “big government,” “high taxes,” “overregulation” and how bad those Democrats were. Perhaps you attended a few Tea Parties and whined to your friends about the dangers and wickedness of an Obama administration. You might have even dropped a few dollars in the coffers of yet another “conservative” group, thinking you were doing your due diligence. Sarah Palin is probably your girl in 2012. Her shallow rhetoric and inane sound bites did not dissuade you one bit. You, a solid red state flag-waving “patriot” probably cheered the war in Iraq even as the pseudo-mission became more and more opaque and fuzzy. This didn’t stop you from sending your precious son or daughter to “fight for democracy and freedom” and kill more Muslim people all for the nebulous pronouncements of War Party bureaucrats who knew nothing about Sherman tanks, but spent most of their time in think tanks.        (More)       
Retired teacher critiques "appalling"
 letter signed by Trump

Yvonne Mason knows a few things about grammar. She taught English composition for 17 years in South Carolina public schools. Mason has since retired, but the veteran teacher recently received a letter that she had to publicly call out for its "stylistically appalling" prose.

It was a missive sent by the White House, signed by President Trump.

Earlier this month, Mason shared a photo of the letter, covered in purple ink and blunt editorial critiques.

"Have ya'll tried grammar and style check?" Mason wrote at the top of the letter, punctuated by two asterisks.

"OMG this is WRONG!" she wrote at the bottom, citing one of many incorrect uses of capitalization.

Mason told the Greenville News she received the letter from the White House after writing a note to the president, urging him to meet with the families of the victims of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

She conceded that she knew a White House staffer -- not Mr. Trump himself -- probably crafted the letter. But Mason could not contain her disappointment in its quality.

"When you get letters from the highest level of government, you expect them to be at least mechanically correct," Mason told the Greenville News.

Mason also seemed to take issue with the overuse of the "I" in Mr. Trump's letter, as evidenced by the pronoun being highlighted five times in yellow.

"If it had been written in middle school, I'd give it a C or C-plus," Mason told the newspaper. "If it had been written in high school, I'd give it a D."            (More)      

Mar-a-Lago, the Florida resort where Trump has spent 25 days since taking office, sees huge boost in revenue
This goes back to the day after the election. He immediately doubled prices at Margo Lago. So every time someone gets a new membership we pay Trump a 100% increase.   

The disclosure reportedly covers Trump's finances from January 2016 until April 15, 2017.

One listing on the report, Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf club estate in Palm Beach, Florida, stands out, due in part for its $37.2 million in "resort-related revenue," about $7.5 million more than in 2016.

The estate made $29.8 million in 2015, and $15.6 million in 2014.

Trump has also been accused of using Mar-a-Lago for official government business by hosting world leaders there, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who stayed at the resort in February.    "It does nothing to clarify the critical conflicts questions, relating to domestic policy and national and international security that are left open by his failure to issue his tax return," former White House ethics lawyer Norman Eisen said in The New York Times.         (More)       
Is Trump Spending More Taxpayer Dollars on
Personal Travel than Obama Did?


Based on the limited information available as of October 2017, the Trump family's monthly travel expenditures during the early part of his administration exceeded the monthly spending averages of President Obama and family.


The stated total of $147 million for President Trump and family's travel expenditures over nine months was vastly exaggerated and unsupported by actual data.


The expenses incurred by United States presidents and their families on vacation trips and other travel away from the White House are an evergreen topic of partisan debate, given that much of those, including the requisite round-the-clock Secret Service protection and use of military aircraft for travel, are footed by the federal government. (By longstanding convention, even presidential vacation travel is categorized as “official business” for accounting purposes)        (More)         

On Sunday TV, Giuliani Latest ‘Collusion’ Stumble
Rudy Giuliani continued his stint as Trump’s worst “TV lawyer” on Sunday. He essentially told the campaign team that when it comes to the question of collusion, it’s every man for himself.

During a scattershot interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” he repeated the spin that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation hasn’t uncovered evidence of collusion.

“You are confident that there is no collusion?” host Dana Bash asked.

“I can’t be confident in anyone but my client,” Giuliani said. “Am I confident because I was in that campaign at a very intimate level? Nobody talked about or knew about Russians. This came as a surprise to me, to the president, to the top four or five people around him.”        (More)       

White House Aide Reveals Racist Midterm Strategy
According to senior adviser Stephen Miller, the Trump White House has settled on a campaign stoking racism as a desperate ploy to keep Republicans in control of Congress.

Miller made that admission in an interview with Breitbart, the white supremacist website known for highlighting “black crime.” Miller, among the most loyal of Trump’s underlings, once infamously announced that Trump’s power “will not be questioned” and attacked the pro-immigrant message etched on the Statue of Liberty.

Miller explained to Breitbart that lacking any strong, positive message going into the midterm elections, Republicans plan to use the criminal gang MS-13 as a boogeyman to scare up votes.

Russia ‘turned’ election for Trump, Clapper believes


Russians not only affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election — they decided it, says James Clapper, who served as the director of national intelligence in the Obama administration, and during the 2016 vote.

“To me, it just exceeds logic and credulity that they didn’t affect the election, and it’s my belief they actually turned it,” he told the PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff on Wednesday.

Clapper, who chronicles his life and career in his new book, “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence,” said Russians are “are bent on undermining our fundamental system here. And when a foreign nation, particularly an adversary nation, gets involved as much as they did in our political process, that’s a real danger to this country.”            (More)           

‘Overwhelming grief’: 8 students, 2 teachers killed in Texas high school shooting

SANTA FE, Tex. — This time, it happened during first period.

The day after a student went on a shooting rampage at a Texas high school, a Houston-area community grappled with a horrific reality that has unfolded in so many other places across the nation.

On Friday morning, a 17-year-old student armed with a shotgun and a pistol stormed Santa Fe High School, about 30 miles southeast of Houston, and opened fire in an art class, officials said.

The gunman killed 10 people and wounded at least 10 others, including a school resource officer who was left in critical condition, police said, before surrendering to the officers who confronted him.            (More)           


The Latest: Justice to hold bipartisan
briefing Thursday

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and the Russia investigation (all times local):

10:40 p.m.

Intelligence leaders will brief both Republicans and Democrats on the Russia investigation as President Donald Trump and his allies are pressing for information on reports that a government informant talked to members of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The Justice Department will host two classified briefings Thursday. The first will be with intelligence officials, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and two House Republicans who originally requested the information. The second will include everyone in the first meeting plus the bipartisan “Gang of Eight,” which includes congressional leaders from both parties and the heads of the intelligence committees.

The second meeting is a reversal from the original plan brokered by the White House, which excluded Democrats. Kelly and Rosenstein were also added to the roster.             (More)       
2017 Lie of the Year: Russian election interference
is a 'made-up story'
Tampa Bay Times illustration by Ron Borresen

A mountain of evidence points to a single fact: Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election of 2016.

In both classified and public reports, U.S. intelligence agencies have said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered actions to interfere with the election. Those actions included the cyber-theft of private data, the placement of propaganda against particular candidates, and an overall effort to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.


Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have held open and closed door hearings to probe Russia’s actions. The congressional investigations are ongoing.


Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have held open and closed door hearings to probe Russia’s actions. The congressional investigations are ongoing.

Facebook, Google and Twitter have investigated their own networks, and their executives have concluded — in some cases after initial foot-dragging — that Russia used the online platforms in attempts to influence the election.

After all this, one man keeps saying it didn’t even happen.           (More)       

Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice probe
is bigger than we realized

He Asked Sessions to Retain Control of Russia Inquiry…

The Times’ Michael S. Schmidt and Julie Hirschfield David report the encounter occurred in March 2017, shortly after Sessions first recused himself:

The president objected to his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Mr. Trump, who had told aides that he needed a loyalist overseeing the inquiry, berated Mr. Sessions and told him he should reverse his decision, an unusual and potentially inappropriate request.

Mr. Sessions refused.

The confrontation, which has not been previously reported, is being investigated by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, as are the president’s public and private attacks on Mr. Sessions and efforts to get him to resign. Mr. Trump dwelled on the recusal for months, according to confidants and current and former administration officials who described his behavior toward the attorney general.       (More)   

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