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Corporation, the second largest toy manufacturer in the world. Over the years, Super Soaker® sales have totaled close to one billion dollars. Currently, Lonnie Johnson holds over 80 patents, with over 20 more pending, and is the author of several publications on spacecraft power systems.

Two of Johnson’s companies, Excellatron Solid State and Johnson Electro-Mechanical Systems (JEMS), are developing revolutionary energy technology.

Excellatron is introducing a new generation of rechargeable battery technology which has the potential to revolutionize the battery industry. Providing a source of energy many times that which exists today in a substantially reduced size, this technology will solve many of the problems related to technology mobility in the future.            (More)       
Heat Direct to Electric Energy -
A Moonshot Project


Lonnie Johnson is trying to create more energy, and do it with clean sources. He envisions an engine that could convert heat to energy. Lonnie tells us that the best energy source is the sun, but cost effective technology to convert the sun to energy does not yet exist. In his SolveForX talk, Heat Direct to Electric Energy, Johnson gives us his best current solution.

Buildings consume around twenty percent of the energy consumed in the United States. Two thirds of that consumption comes from heating and air conditioning needs. Johnson envisions an efficient technology that could cut building consumption in half.             (More)       
Rapid solar energy growth
predicted in US: industry
It has taken 40 years for the US to hit 1 million solar energy installations, but it will take only another two years for that figure to double. Meanwhile, the current total solar capacity of 27 GW is expected to triple by 2020.

In short, officials said Wednesday, solar's future is bright as the sun.

Climate Nexus, a New York-based strategic communications organization that promotes clean energy solutions, hosted an online conference call to mark the major milestone of 1 million solar installations. Solar's benefits were extolled by officials with the Solar Energy Industries Association, Greentech Media and Vote Solar.            (More)           
Illustration 1. Sunrise over a power plant
Careers in Solar Power
Sunlight is the most abundant source of potential energy on the planet. If harnessed properly, sunlight could easily exceed current and future electricity demand. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, every hour, enough energy from the sun reaches Earth to meet the world's energy usage for an entire year. [1] Creating solar power by converting sunlight into electricity would lower emissions from electricity generation and decrease long-term energy costs. As solar power becomes more cost-effective, it has the potential to make up a larger share of growing U.S. energy needs.

Occupations in solar power

The solar power industry employs a wide range of occupations in a number of major industry segments: research and development, manufacturing of solar power materials, construction of solar power plants, operation of solar power plants, and solar power installation and maintenance. Sales occupations are also integral to the solar power products industry.

Following are descriptions of the most common jobs in the solar power industry; for each occupation, job duties are listed, along with the credentials needed for the occupation, including education, training, certification, or licensure.            (Must Read)           

Wind Power Continues Steady Growth
Across The U.S.
Wind turbines stand in Western Maine along the Kibby Mountain range.

The U.S. wind power industry is celebrating after reaching a new milestone in November: 70 gigawatts (GW) of generating capacity.

"That's enough to power about 19 million homes," says Michael Goggin, senior director of research at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

There are more than 50,000 wind turbines operating across 40 states and Puerto Rico, according to the AWEA.

Wind power has grown quickly in recent years. It sprinted past the 50 GW and 60 GW milestones in 2012. Growth temporarily stalled as members of Congress let a federal tax credit expire. But now the boom times are back.

The federal budget deal, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama last week, includes a five-year extension of the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit. That sent solar and wind company stocks soaring.      (More)     

Solar Will Replace Nearly All
Retiring Coal In Texas

In the next 15 years, Texas expects to add somewhere between 14 and 27 gigawatts of solar capacity, according to a new long-term system assessment from the state’s grid operator, ERCOT.

ERCOT is considering eight different scenarios, such as continued low natural-gas prices or extreme weather. Under all scenarios, solar makes up nearly all of the new capacity. In all of the scenarios, ERCOT assumes that changes to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s regional haze rule will go into effect. Those changes are expected to make the rule more stringent and impact power producers with emissions that affect air quality.        >>>       

What Can Solar Do for You


My townhome doesn't allow solar panels. To the homeowners association (HOA), they are ugly and disrupt the cohesive (cough, cookie-cutter) look of the neighborhood. To me this was a blow. Not only do I think solar panels look cool, I work at the National Renewable Energy Lab. I talk about energy-efficiency on Energy Saver social media, and I used to constantly nag my roommate to turn off her lights. (At one point I secretly switched all her light bulbs to LEDs without her noticing.) So needless to say, I wanted to install solar panels.

But while I don't have the option for solar panels (at least until the HOA wakes up and changes its policy), many of you out there do! This month we've talked all about how to use solar energy, but we haven't talked about why. Well, you're in luck. Today, you get to hear all about what solar can do for you.        (More)       

Solar panel incentives, rebates
& tax breaks

Investment tax credit for solar

The federal government provides a solar tax credit, known as the investment tax credit (ITC), that allow homeowners and businesses to deduct a portion of their solar costs from their taxes. Both homeowners and businesses qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of the cost of their solar panel system minus any cash rebates. Learn more about the federal solar tax credit, including the timeline for the eventual end of the ITC in 2022.

State tax credits

Some states offer additional tax credits for installing a solar panel system. With a state solar tax credit, you can deduct a portion of the cost of your solar panel system from your state tax bill, similar to the federal ITC. These amounts vary significantly by state.        (More)   

Obama promises more help for U.S. cities
WASHINGTON —  President Obama promised more help for America's cities Thursday, telling a gathering of mayors at the White House that they're on the front lines of providing services to citizens.

Obama promised $80 million in water infrastructure grants to Michigan, the day after returning from a trip to Detroit in which he lamented the water crisis in Flint.

“Our children should not have to be worried about the water that they’re drinking in American cities. That's not something that we should accept," Obama told the mayors.        (More)       

10 Best US Cities For Tech Jobs In 2016

"In particular, work-life balance and affordability increasingly matter to tech job seekers when they are searching for the best city to land a new job," Berry explained. Employees on Glassdoor have been reporting a decline in work-life balance, and many employers in the listed cities are trying to amend this with benefits like work-from-home days and unlimited paid time off.

Affordability is also important in searching for a place to live, but tech pros in popular and expensive cities like San Jose typically earn handsome salaries to offset high prices. Many accept the trade-off because these cities offer the work-life balance and job satisfaction they crave.

Many of the cities on Glassdoor's top 25 list are well-known and rapidly growing hubs within the technology industry. The company did not specifically measure the top cities for tech pros as part of its research, but it did shed some light on which cities best cater to the evolving needs people who work in tech.            (More)           


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