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  In order for us to understand what is happening now and what will happen in our future, it is essential that we know the past. Plants, for instance, use a mathematics described by the Fibonacci sequence to determine what to do in their growth. A plant looks back to see what it just did, ascertains where it is now, and then knows where it is going. It adds the number of leaves it just grew to its present complement to know how many leaves to grow next. It says, for example, I just grew one leaf and I am at one, so that means I now grow two. When it gets to two leaves it says, I was just at one and I just grew two more, so now I am at three, and so on. It needs to look back to see what it just did combined with where it is now to know where to go. Such is organic structure.

As humans we have to know our history because we have to know how we got into our present predicament in order to get out of it. We think that our history began in 3800 B.C. in Sumeria and that nothing came before that except hairy barbarians. We assume we are the greatest thing that ever lived on this planet. In truth, according to Drunvalo, there have been civilizations so far ahead of us that we can't even imagine them.

Civilizations on this Earth go back 500 million years. The planet is a star seed to which external life forms have come from all over, combined with each other, generated new life forms, and left. Each of the life forms they created have gone through five levels of consciousness. Right now we are on the second of the five.

Almost all the evidence from past advanced civilizations has been put out of context or ignored. For instance, we have a connection with the star Sirius about which little is known but which is essential to understanding our present plight.            (More)                    

  Atlantis, Lemuria & Maldek
  This is the story of our past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria, and even before we came to Earth.


Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another planet in this Solar System, about the size of Earth, which made its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a green prosperous world inhabited by a people who had not reached a state of really advanced culture, but had nevertheless attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities which made life comparatively comfortable for all.

They studied the philosophies and dabbled in the sciences as do we, except that these people were more advanced in many ways than we are. The planet was so highly mechanized that robots took care of all the menial tasks. The inhabitants had discovered a rudimentary form of space travel, and could control their weather so that drought and famine became long forgotten. The majority, having an abundance of food, and having no menial tasks to perform, soon became content to while away their time in the sun. They became, in comparison with higher planetary cultures, a selfish, lackadaisical people seeking after their own enjoyment, as do the majority of people on Earth today.

Then the disease came.            (More)           

  From Sirius To Lemuria, To Atlantis
… To Now!

It is almost impossible to speak of Sirius without starting from the Creation! And it is almost impossible to speak of the Creation without starting with the Goddess! So let us begin with a cliche that nevertheless remains true: “In the beginning, there was nothing”! Of course that is the beginning of this universe, for naturally there are others!

Now, the Goddess always existed. And the Goddess is of course Unconditional Love. But She is also so much more! In the beginning, the Goddess made a tear into ‘nothing’, and created an opening! She then blew a breath into that tear to create a bubble of space, a domain, and a dominion. She created a space of Free Will, a space that was later to be filled with All That Is our Universe today!  A holographic Universe of Free Will.

She then imbued that space with Mystery to make it fertile. She also created God so that together they give birth to All That Is! She created God in her own image, a God of Love and Joy that has been lost by the many religions that kept claiming ownership of that God which was clearly something they did not understand!            (More)           


The Atlanteans began to acquire a feeling of uniqueness about their culture and wanted to eliminate Lemuria so that they could become the mother country. The Atlanteans began forming alliances with renegade Pleidans and Alpha Centaurians which had Hierarchical systems of government . They accomplished the destruction of Lemuria by taking the Earth's moon (Earth had 2 moons in those times) out of orbit by using force fields until it was as close as possible to the Lemurian empire, and then the moon was destroyed resulting in a catastrophic shower of meteors. This destroyed much of Lemuria, but this also resulted in many pressures being inflicted upon the tectonic plates : resulting in the gas chambers under Lemuria to implode and thus sink most of the Lemurian continent

- Only about 2 million people survived the Flood from an original 65 known million. Unfortunately many of the survivors were the mutant humans that had been genetically altered by the Atlanteans into a much lower state of consciousness. Also, the fact that the firmament was now no longer in existence resulted in the DNA and thus consciousness breaking down even further.

"You were mutated into limited conscious Beings and your cluster of realities was also affected. Suddenly, a new paradigm was adopted that favored lack, limitation, power and division. You lost your connection to your history and to a sacred set of beliefs, which the Anunnaki and their carefully chosen minions replaced with a new conception. As a result, they ruled you as your 'gods' and 'goddesses'.             (More)           


Lorraine Evans puts together the pieces of ignored evidence that exists in Museums, in her book Kingdom of the Ark, claiming the ancient British race is descended from the Pharaohs.
As to why Academia ignores the evidence that contradicts their dogma, she concludes:

"The fact that I had unearthed so many pieces of evidence, archaeological and historical, to show Egyptian settlement in the British Isles raised one question.

 Why had this all been ignored in academic circles? One of the main reasons, I felt, was that if such information was readily accepted then academia would rapidly have to rewrite huge chunks of history. This would throw certain traditional `historical facts' into tremendous doubt. It is important to stress that many academics' careers are based on these 'facts' and to disprove them overnight would make these people redundant,


We rely too much on Academia to tell us the truth, when ‘they’ are not really interested in the ‘truth’.  

The version of history ‘they’ give us is a fiction, which ‘they’ are quite happy to support because its their money-earner. Why do people waste their time trying to make sense of the UFO phenomenon within the context of the Belief system that these Academics have set up for us? The whole of history is wrong.  

And these Academics are contented to maintain that illusion.             (More)           


Ancient Man and His First Civilizations  North African History

In many cases, the demographic history of North Africa closely parallels that of the United States: In that Europeans, and in this case Turks also: first colonize, and then the descendants of the colonizers fight a war of liberation from their original homelands, for sole claim to the conquered territories. And as in the Americas, the native populations were massacred, marginalized, impoverished, and relegated to the hinterlands. The difference being that Americans don't claim to be the native and original people.

Thus one of the oddities of modern times is found in North Africa: where the Mulattoes, Quadroons, and Octoroons of the White invaders, and even the White invaders themselves: proclaim themselves BERBERS and the INDEGENOUS inhabitants of North AFRICA!!!

To make the ridiculous even more ridiculous; many of these people also practice racial prejudice against Africans IN Africa!

In North Africa, many of these people declare themselves Berber under the banner of "Amazigh" possibly meaning "free people" or "free and noble men" (the word has probably an ancient parallel in the Roman name for some of the Berbers, "Mazices").            (More)           

  Where Atlantis Meets Lemuria

For at least twenty thousand years, Middle America was populated by disjointed tribes of hunter-gatherers, whose material level of culture did not extend beyond the most primitive weapons and a few, crude tools. Then, around 1500 BC, a sophis­ticated, powerful civilization suddenly appeared on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, spreading rapidly throughout much of Mexico.

Archaeologists refer to this first American civilization as “Olmec,” although it is a name of scientific convenience only, as the real identity of these earliest culture bearers is not known. Where before there had been savagery, the Ol­mecs introduced literacy, sculpture, monumental architecture, a complex religion, advanced textile production, as­tronomy, calendrics, commerce, social stratification, systems of weights and measures, divisions of labor, metallurgy, standardization of the crafts, government, and every aspect of a full-blown civilization. It did not develop in place slowly over centuries, but appeared all at once in its entirety, as though suddenly imported from somewhere outside Mexico.        (More)         

Lost Land of the West

But there is another obscure tradition of a fifth catastrophe which seems to have antedated the sinking of Atlantis. This concerns another lost continent in the Pacific Ocean, a great catastrophe in the western waters. Old records are riddled with allusions to vanished "Lands--and peoples--of the West." Old Aztec and May anrecords, that is; the Asiatic records speak of the vanished lands and peoples "of the East." This old tradition appeared first in modern times through the assumption of Sclater, an Englishman seeking for some "lost links," that long, long ago a great southern continent lay stretched about the South Pole very much as the continental land to-day surrounds the arctic zone. He named this continent Lemuria, to fix more firmly thereby his supposition that on such a continent animals of the Lemuroid type must have been developed

This prehistoric, pre-Atlantean continent, existing--if it existed--hundreds of thousands of years ago, has also been called the Continent of Pan. In Oahspe, A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih, published by John Ballou Newbrough in 1882, there is a world-map showing the location of this lost Pan in the Pacific Ocean. Oahspe makes its sinking coincident with the Deluge. The sacred people of Pan, the I’hins--otherwise the Algonkins--had been warned of the coming flood, and were building ships in which to escape--138 Arks of the Deluge   >>> 


The book of Genesis flood story in the Bible (the Tanakh) is a corrupted version of the sinking of Pan.

Oahspe The Lords’ First Book Ch. I, contemporaneous with the Book Of Aph:
34. Say ye unto my chosen: This is the word of the Lord your God: Ye have found favor in my sight, for ye alone of all that is on the earth have kept my commandments; and ye have seen righteousness in the seed of your generations.

48. The Lord said: I will name the fleets of my chosen, and their names shall be everlasting on the earth. And the Lord named them  Guatama, Shem, Jaffeth, Ham, and Yista.

Twenty-four thousand years [24,000] before kosmon [before 1848], the earth stood in the arc of Noe in the firmament of heaven:
138 ships, 5 fleets, four fleets; thirty-four [34] ships into each fleet, save two ships [2] which were carried in a fleet to themselves, numbered them that were saved, and there were twelve thousand four hundred and twenty [12,420]; and these were all that remained of the first race of man that walked on two feet.  -Arc of Noe = the curve of space and time of travel of the solar system through the etherean region known as Noe.       (More - Flood)           


Cosmic knowledge. Above drawing in Oahspe. Roadway of Solar Phalanx (Solar System) Plate. The figure of the Serpent represents the Solar Phalanx (Solar System), it shows the Solar system traveling at about a 60 degree tilt in its sub-galactic orbit (C'vorkum).        (More)       



There are TWO forthcoming events - one certain, one possible - that have been confused in many published reports because they have not been fully understood, therefore our article originally published in 1993 has been rewritten and expanded in an effort to dispel many misconceptions of what is really going on.

Either of these events is sure to create PANIC amongst the general population, therefore it is important to be prepared and lessen the impact on yourself and your family or friends.

Our solar system journeys through the universe in a 26,200 year cycle, its path crossing what is popularly termed the Milky Way at right angles twice during that period.

Every 13,000 years or so therefore planet Earth comes into a space/time overlap or period of NULL-TIME... an electromagnetic no-zone or energy vacuum, with complete absence of electromagnetic fields and the temporary suspension of the planetary grid system. When the pendulum reaches the destructive pause at the end of its swing, this is one of the results.    (More)

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